The International 3 sign by Bob & Roberta Smith, 2004
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This space we are - group exhibition
29th Mar - 2nd May

Press Release


This space we are

PRIVATE VIEW: Friday 28th March 6pm - 8pm
EXHIBITION CONTINUES: 29th March - 2nd May 2014 (closed 18th April)
OPENING TIMES: Weds – Fri from 12pm – 5pm (other times by appointment)

Andrew Gannon, Evi Grigoropoulou, Louise Lawler, Rebecca Lennon, Enzo Marra, Monty, Joe Fletcher Orr, Bob and Roberta Smith, Dante Rendle Traynor, Gavin Wade.

This space we are, is the first exhibition in The International 3’s new temporary space at 142 Chapel Street, Salford, M3 6AF. Prompted by our recent process of review and relocation, This space we are comprises a collection of works that draw attention to the participants, the place and the production of art. Bringing together emerging and established artists based locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, This space we are combines sculpture, sound, painting and performance and whilst each work has power in its own right, together they offer a wider field of enquiry.
Enzo Marra’s paintings are concerned with the exploration and pictorial analysis of the artworld: the settings of the studio, the gallery, the auction house and the activities of observers to this world. In her audio and text work, Birdcalls, (1972-81), Louise Lawler transforms the names of famous male artists into birdsong, mocking the conditions of privilege and recognition given to male artists at that time. Evi Grigoropoulou’s, Future Contracts reference "tulipmania",a period during the 17th Century when the price of tulip bulbs increased dramatically then collapsed. Picturing an onion, mango and orange these paintings suggest alternative future currencies whilst also referencing the commerce of art. The central character in Dante Rendle Traynor’s video work, Show, exposes the power-play, networks and anxiety of a desperate and dystopian world easily applicable to careerism within art. Door by Monty consists of the artist painting the gallery’s front door. Permanently altering the physical space of the gallery, Door emphasises the threshold between public and private and provides the frame through which the audience enters the exhibition. Andrew Gannon’s practice is driven by an interest in operating lightly and relying on the generosity of others. For This space we are, Gannon presents Face Painting Work, using The International 3’s staff for the duration of the preview, Gannon considers what it is that constitutes work.
Rebecca Lennon’s Performance to Mirror and Joe Fletcher Orr’s Decoy seek to draw attention to and away from the other works on show. Whilst in her text based work, Lennon asks the viewer to consider their consumption of the other works on display, Orr’s piece, as the title suggests, aims to distract the viewer with its incessant movement. Purchased by The International 3 to serve as our new office desk, Gavin Wade’s Demonstration Table for a Mobile Wall System (After Adolf Krischanitz) demonstrates the narratives, properties and materials of the mobile wall system at Vienna Secession designed by Adolf Krischanitz in 1986. In 2004 The International 3 commissioned Bob and Roberta Smith to produce the gallery’s sign. Taking up temporary residence indoors, the sign awaits its permanent future relocation and in doing so alludes to The International 3's process of transition.
The International 3 is supported by Arts Council of England and by our Founder Patrons : Robert Devereux, Sezgin Ismail, Jo and Allan Melzack, Bob and Hazel Miller, Martyn and Valerie Torevell, Founder Artist Patron: Rachel Goodyear and those that wish to remain anonymous. For This space we are, we would like to thank the artists, WW Gallery, Ceri Hand Gallery, The Lewitt Collection,Chester,CT, Jonathan Trayner,Fran Blythe.

For more information please contact Paulette Terry Brien / Mobile: 07981 389 591

Joe Fletcher Orr
Clay, plastic bag, Mojo Critter decoy
the artist
Richard Alderson